Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Using of written works that has been downloaded

  • All information, written works at Scieee.com database is for personal learning - as scientific knowledge, examples, ideas, scientific information. Downloaded written works (or part thereof) usage and delivery as your own is prohibited.

  • A person who downloads a written paper asserts and guarantees that he will observe all his teaching statutes on academic ethics, will use downloaded written work as an example in writing his work, a source of information and ideas for knowledge, study or research purposes. Using written work, its ideas can be described in his own words, interpreted, cited. Using the information from the downloaded work in your written work, you must comply with all the requirements for quoting, and indicate the source of the information from which - the scieee.com written work link.

  • All information published on the website scieee.com is written and hosted by third parties who have voluntarily placed their written work. Scieee.com performs the desired sharing function of the users and provides all information "as is" and is not responsible for the authenticity, novelty and accuracy of the information provided in the written work. Scieee.com does not guarantee that the information provided will meet your needs and expectations.

  • Downloaded documents is strictly forbidden to resell, to publish or otherwise use for the commercial activities.


Uploading written works

  • The database hosts documents, which are freely sent by their authors or legitimate owners of copyright and (or) related rights. By sending or posting any information to scieee.com website, the person sending it claims and warrants that all copyright and related rights to the sent material belong to the person who sends it and that there are no legitimate third party claims to the information sent or its separate parts, therefore the scieee.com is not responsible for any breach of copyright and related rights.

  • By sending any information to scieee.com website, the sending persons transfer free of charge all the proprietary rights to the scieee.com website to the information sent and agrees that this information, without the written consent of the scieee.com administration, can not be published on any other website or used for commercial purposes.

  • If it turns out that other people claiming copyright or related rights in the scieee.com work, their work is removed from the database and scieee.com is discarded from any further involvement in the decision of the disputed issue. For pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages to persons whose rights have been violated, is directed to the material or information sent someone who claimed to be a legitimate copyright or related rights owner.

  • By sending your work and transferred the copyright property rights of authors agree that scieee.com can freely dispose the information at its own discretion, to transfer the rights to the use of third parties to reproduce in any form and way, spend, translate, process, to publish, distribute it for commercial purposes. Scieee.com reserves the right not to publish the information sent for any reason.

  • Publishing or otherwise using the information obtained scieee.com is not obliged to indicate its author unless otherwise agreed in writing before the submission of the material.


Scieee.com Website Usage

  • Scieee.com may add bonus for the work you have uploaded. The bonuses may be spent to obtain other documents. The bonuses may not be withdrawn.

  • When uploading any document, user may choose to sell the document and receive commision for the sales of the documents, or to publish the document free of charge. This setting may be changed at any time.

  • Scieee.com sets the fixed prices for the documents and may change these price at any time. User agrees to this right of scieee.com and waives any claims related to it.

  • Scieee.com takes commission fee for sold document. The fee is set by scieee.com and may not be bigger than 70% of pure sale price. Pure sale price is the price with the transaction fees deducted.

  • User is able to withdraw his earned money (except bonuses). Scieee.com has the right to set minimal withdrawal limit as well as other withdrawal fees.