My memories of school days

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My memories of school daysSchool is the place where every child old enough must go. It was not an exception with me also. I went to the 5th secondary school in Marijampole first time when I was only 7 years old. I don’t remember much from that time, but something stayed in my head from the very first day in that big building. I remember how a girl from 12th form gave me a pencil and my first exercise book, how she took me to the inside-yard of the school to listen a boring speech of the director. Then I remember how I found my seat in the very last desk in the middle row in the class. And my first desk-friend later became one of my best friends, even now, when he is studying in Vilnius, we sometimes meet each other.Another thing that I remember from the first class, is my teacher, who is already retired now. I loved her like “a good aunt”, I guess, sure not when she wrote me a bad mark.Other impressive thing that happened for me at school is when we finished 4th form and entered a completely new way of life - we were allowed to walk everywhere in the school, every lesson was in another place and we had a lot of teachers. I really disliked th


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