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TV Or Newspapers?Since prehistorical times people tried to pass each other the information they had. At first means were burning bonfires, then tom-toms, messengers. There was no guarantee that the information would reach the recipient. In the XXth century we are able to hear important news in some minutes. The most widespread mass media is radio, TV and newspapers. Radio, I think, is the most popular one, because you can listen to tape players or mini radio sets in very place you want and at any moment you can. In my opinion radio doesn’t have bad points, any lacks or disabilities (yeah, it doesn’t use visual aids, but do we need them?), so today I want to express my opinion on whether TV or newspapers are better for finding out what is happening in the world.If any mass media wants to be very popular and to have big audience, it has to adapt to the needs of society. Any specific, orientated to the small audience publication or TV show of course will never be very popular. Actually TV has more abilities to improve its possibilities. We can compare TV shows twenty or even ten years ago to today TV and see a great difference and great improvement of it. The more something improves itself, the more it is interesting for the audience. That’s the answer, why computers are spreading so quickly - not only because of their abilities now, but also because of their future look. So talking on this point, TV is better than newspapers because the only thing that can improve newspapers is their quality of the appearance and that is not so much important for mediocrity. On the other hand there is such a big recurrence of topics to discuss during chat shows, ideas of quiz shows, movies, sitcoms or soaps that when switching the channels create something new if it costs a lot of money? The standard quiz shows, talk shows,


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