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INTRODUCTIONThis essay is all about the importance of Physical activity in South African context, this benefits they tend to amaze us and get on to wonder why it is. Well from today onwards people will understand the mechanisms that take place and also how physical activities can benefit them. These benefits are what make us who we are. There are many definitions of what physical activity is according to different authors, however they have several features in common such as exercise, play and games but according to Clark, 1992 it is defined as “the best form of movement for improving the health of your heart and for controlling (or losing) body weight” but others define physical activity as “all movements that can contribute improved health” (Lumpkin, 1998). People engaged in physical activity based on different objectives and it’s not easy to convince someone to engage in those activities also physical activities are not subjective to one gender, in getting those benefits it might take a while depending on the kind of physical activity engaged in.Physical activities allow people to enjoy their life to the fullest, live their life with no worries no matter the age or the gender this activities should be done on regular basis, according to (Corbin, 1990) “the humans need for regular exercise is critical in modern society”. People in this society should engage in activities to fit in the society. Benefits are many that one can obtain from physical activities. They are so broad and diverse but according to (Lumpkin, 1998)”physical education and sport programs aims to increase every individual`s physical, mental and social benefits from physical activities and to develop healthy lifestyle skills and attitude”. Some author consider mental benefits so this essay will try to tackle physical, health, mental, psychological & social benefits their discussion follows below to enhance ones` understanding in these numerous benefits.Physical BenefitsWhen talking of physical, according to my understanding is something that is visible through our naked eye and without usage aiding materials. Physical benefits (fitness) are believed to be comprised of numerous features not a single (Corbin, 1990). Furthermore a person is believed to have accepted levels fitness component, some may have two or more whilst some may have only one of them and again after physical activity has been taken up no matter is the same or different we cannot appear the same since well we don’t have same genes and same capabilities. To obtain physical benefits is not an easy task, it comes at a price, and it requires hard work, dedication and determination. These physical benefits can include movement skills; strong bones body composition, flexibility, fitness and overall healthOnes` movement will increase in an enormous manner, physical benefits according to (Lumpkin, 1998) “develops movement skills”, as one keeps on training the body will take time to get used to but eventually will get their after huge constrains and hard work, in a human body there are many mechanisms that can improve or bring about this movement skills amongst individuals.Bones get strengthened due to physical activities another benefit according to (Lumpkin, 1998) “promotes overall health and fitness”. As one keeps on exercising, it helps in getting rid of sicknesses and illnesses in a human body or it makes hidden sicknesses to be visible, as one exercise the body is able to fight with all infections found in the body of an individual furthermore the person becomes fit in a way that particular person is capable of avoiding illnesses due to that the body is fit, so south Africa as a country whereby there is a shortage of hospitals to treat people with illnesses, most people will stop going to the hospital for help or treatment because they will be protected via physical activities.Another form of physical benefit can be that it enables one to have an improved body composition, it refers to the way the body of an individual appears but according to (Lumpkin, 1998) “regulate weight, tones bodies and improves body composition”. As one engage in physical activities, the energy is required in an enormous manner and in moist cases the energy required in the body of an individual is from fats and this fats are the ones that increase weight amongst individuals, so the fat being consumed will be utilized in the muscles because during physical activities more energy is required in the muscles doing the work. So since South Africa is a country having more people diagnosed with obesity, the number of those people diagnosed will decrease to a lower level which will be of advantage to the country. As one engages in physical activities, the body of an individual’s meaning the complexion, it somehow changes in other words it becomes lighter than before, if one had skin problem they will be taken out immediately and one will enjoy the benefits of also having a shiny skin, so because south Africa is a country that has a majority of people being dark in colour, there will be an improvement to individual skin tone and it will look revision, so they will be no need for people of south Africa to apply chemicals in their body that might end up killing them in future, so that in turn will preserve the biodiversity of the country specifically plants as they are the ones that bring about fresh air or oxygen to individuals that only will make people to live freely without confusions and disjunctions, frictions. As people engage in physical activities their muscles become bigger and bigger as they grow, whilst one is busy exercising there are frictions and tensions in the tissues and muscles of an individual which will result in people having big muscles and because south Africa is a country that deals more with advertisement, most of its economy is based on it so they resort to hiring people with good muscle tone and good body composition to advertise their particular product in question so that will also open job opportunities.Physical activities help in making sure that everything in the body is well regulated to allow for healthy life style from top to bottom part of the body, according to (Clark, 1992) “calisthenic exercise is great for strengthening upper body bone and connective tissues”. Most physical activities requires one top use arms and arm is a part of the top body, activities such as jogging, soccer and rugby and also aerobic exercises. When exercising, body become active and allows for the nerve impulses to be sent to all parts of the body and return back to the brain, so when nerve impulse are delivered, no harm can happen to an individual without being aware of danger approaching, connective tissues will remain strong and will not lose value due to time exaptation, they will remain active and strong for as long as physical activities are taken on regular basis, so South Africa as a country having more people diagnosed with strokes and other kinds of related diseases the number of people infected will reduce because nerve impulses will be sent and received effectively and efficiently.It is believed physical activities have an effect of postures human beings portray on daily basis, according to (Clark, 1998) “stretch exercise is great for improving posture”. As people keep on exercising they minimize the chances of having gnarled disease and that will make them to have a good posture and due to the fact that south Africa deals more with convincing business more especially in advertisement agencies, as one is presenting the product in question, one has to be in a good position or posture to convince the buyer or customer that the information given is valid and airtight but if the posture is not maintain, the buyer won’t like the product and will start to ask questions because there is this say “actions speak louder than words”. So good posture allows for business opportunities for individuals , as one exercise the body becomes more


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