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Kauno “Versmės” vidurinės mokyklosReferatas:“Meals in Great Britain”1999KaunasMeals and all mealtimes are not the same in all the families. Breakfast is the first meal of the day. Most people do not have a full breakfast as they are in a hurry to their work. The ones who eat much at breakfast say that it is fine. English writer Somerset Maugham gave the following advice: ‘If you want to eat well in England, eat three breakfasts daily’. At noon or a bit later, that is at one o’clock p.m., comes a meal which is lunch for some people. More than half of the population have a hot dinner (called lunch) in the middle of the day. The cool meal is eaten in the evening. Others have a light lunch at one, or a hot dinner in the evening. Lots of people work too far from their homes to be able to go home for a hot meal. So they have their meals in the offices, and children or teenagers - at schools or colleges. But on Sundays the family sit down together. The next meal is tea with slices of bread and butter and cakes. Mother and children may have their tea together at five o’clock in the afternoon or they may wait a little for their father returning home from work. The English custom of afternoon tea goes back to the late eighteenth century when Anne, wife of the 7 th Duke of Bedford, decided that she suffered from a sinking feeling having no health at around five o’clock in the afternoon. She needed tea and cakes to bring her strength and mood back. Tea had come at last to every house and office. The Chinese were the first people to grow tea. They knew about it more than two thousand years ago. This wonderful drink came to Europe only three hundred years ago. The British first heard of tea in 1598, and tasted it in about 1650. For two centuries tea was imported from China. In 1823 a tea plant was found growing naturally in India. Sixteen years later the first eight chests with Indian tea leaves were sold to London. Nowadays London tea


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