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ABSTRACT A brief memoir of Saida Bano an astounding Artist, Florist and mother. A woman who have inspired many young women in all walks of life. For me she is not just a grandmother but also a true inspiration. Ayesha Majid MEMORIES OF SAIDA BANO Wife of Brigadier Mokhtar Karim Memories Saida Bano Mrs. Saida Bano, wife of Brigadier Mokhtar Karim was born on 7th November 1924 at Agra, Utter Pardaish, India. She was the sixth child of her parents, Muhammad Zahur-ud-din Ahmad Faruqi and Begum Ghafoor-Un-Nisa. She was known for her artistic skills of calligraphy and love for nature and flowers. She was quite, graceful and soft spoken. She had a charming inspirational and supportive personality. Mrs Karim had great passion for education, she completed her master’s degree in fine arts after her first daughter was born. She excelled in fields like interior decoration and gardening. She was an active member of many horticulture and ikebana societies in Islamabad. Like “Floral art society of Pakistan”, since 1998 “Islamabad Horticultural Society”, and “Rose Society”. She was mostly the convener of flower Arrangement Events in Islamabad till her illness. She gave the adopted Motto to Islamabad Horticultural Society “Beauty through flowers”. She used to be the External Examiner for Fine-arts MA Examinations. She also was responsible for starting the OFF Girls College at Islamabad along with its Principal. Her favourite flower is “Strelitzia reginae” commonly known as “Bird of Paradise”. She also planted it in her garden and it still grows there. Strelitzia reginae is a monocotyledonous flowering plant. Originally from Africa, now is one of the most famous horticulture evergreen perennial variety in the world. Bird of Paradise in her garden After her death Major General Raja Nazir wrote an article on her in the army gazette. There he recalled about her in these words… I first met Saida Aapa in 1993 while collecting facts and data for initial draft of Aviation History. Recounting her days in Air Observer Post Flight she had said, “I volunteered to design the new w


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