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INTRODUCTION ON HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT DIVISIONThe human resource development division / plays a vital role in the Bureau of jail management and penology./Good day! By the way, I’m Jail Senior Inspection Fronstone Dang-iw the Chief Human Resource Development Division at the National Capital Region./Today, I will be you giving an introduction to the Human Resource Development Division./The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology is mandated to safe keep and develop inmates./Likewise, the role of the HRDD identifies the complexity of jail management, the present jail conditions and to equip personnel by enhancing their skills and knowledge./With the aid of technology, BJMP personnel will be updated in real-time for delivering services in the jail and to the public.Thus, the Directorate for Human Resource Development National Head Quarters and the Human Resource Development Division National Capital Region work hand-in-hand to serve as the training arm of the bureau.Its prime task is to unlock the full potential of the personnel, to make them responsive, and to be fully equipped in answering the call of challenges in the jail service./It incorporates a developed strategic management in preparing a program for training and seminars in order to achieve the bureau's objectives.Also, the HRD ensures the professional welfare and career of its personnel thru training needs analysis.Its purpose is that the HRD, thru the guidelines, standards, and policies provided from the DHRD Manual, aims to establish the ideal development of training and seminars.Its main purpose is for the enhancement of personnel’s’ capability on delivering jail services effectivity and efficiently./The HRD office carries out and performs its functions at a regional level. It dedicates to enhance skills by giving importance to excellence and innovation.The BJMP training and seminar program is incorporated with other allied agencies, both from the private and public sector./The wide scope of knowledge and skills related to jail management and penology needs the partnership and coordination with other local government units and non-government organizations to achieve and enhance its personnel./The legal basis for the creation of DHRD is pursuant to the DILG Department Order No. 2010- 244, dividing the Human Resource Development and Records Management into two distinct Directorates. /The DHRD addresses the growing number of personnel and makes its role dynamic in achieving the Bureau's mandate./It envisions the BJMP workforce imbued with the professionalism that is highly competent and committed towards a sustained humane safekeeping / and development of inmates. /Its mission is to enable the personnel to reach their full potential and make them responsive and fully equipped to answer the call and challenges of the jail service./The Human Resource Development Division focuses on the programmed training, seminars, and career path for personnel. /It functions to maximize BJMP personnel to perform in jail services guided by the BJMP's mandate. /Its mandate is to direct, supervise and control the administration and operation of all district, city and municipal jails nationwide with the tasks of safekeeping and development of inmates through a major program. /These major programs are intensifying inmates' custody, security, and control program, conduct inmates welfare and development program, decongestion program and, lastly, good governance./The HRD is responsible for personnel’s recruit training, and development of its seminars. /The office also concerns itself with organizational change and relations to other government agencies, that is, the balancing of organizational practices./The HR Division documents training and seminars through the team strategic management due to competence, strategic initiatives like innovations, skills enhancement, talent development, and succession planning.The HRD staff manage the personnel' skills and training as the working capital of the bureau and by focusing on implementing policies and processes./It specializes in training recruits, strategic training, a seminar on personnel-relation, training and seminar on jail facility./Thus the training and seminar development and subject matter experts ensure that all personnel are well trained and have continuous development. /This is done through training programs, performance evaluations, and reward programs./The HRD is typically dedicated to providing a disciplined framework./The Subject matter experts are specialized in various training and seminars that provide functional leadership engaging in strategic decision-making across the jail operations./It was also encouraged to invite outside practitioners that have established programs in order to add knowledge and skills for jail operations. /It also conducts a research study that is within the field of management and organizational psychology./The HR Division makes sure that all personnel can function and can deliver jail services across cultures and across borders nationwide. /Due to changes in the environment in human resources, it includes diversity and the inclusion of using technology to advance personnel engagement./The Division then offers updated training and seminars that will appeal to all personnel and reduce the risk of losing the knowledge on the program./This Office was inspired by the mission-vision that aims / to introduce developments and takes responsibility that would uplift human development. /It is a crucial part of the success of an organization for the well-being and welfare of the personnel. /It strives to improve the organization's efficiency through the personnel career courses, seminars, and training. /Principal inputs are emphasized through the teamwork effectivity in delivering jail task. Thus, discipline is an element of the organization./Discipline is one of the strategic management to transform personnel into a better public servant through human relations development. /The HRD is generally viewed as a support function to the bureau in helping to enhance jail facility security and jail personnel services. Exercising strategized human resource development will influence human-resource policies and practices./This style of management will discover, develop and retain skills and talents for the Bureau./The bureau then views personnel as assets in changing lives and building a safer nation. /The knowledge of the individual embodies and contributes to the need for the organization./This practice aligns the functions of HR Division in managing, innovating, evaluating and responding to personnel training needs./The Division ensures the health, safety, and security of all training./Training and seminar development is a step in a continuous process of enhancing personnel’s competence and adaptability.Motivation is the key to keep them highly productive./Maintaining and evaluating personnel will keep them constantly committed and loyal to the Bureau./Technology has a significant impact on human resources practices. /E-Learning is one of the best practices that the bureau had to start because learning had mostly been influenced by information technology./With the use of e-learning technology, it will able to track participants in various locations in one place. /The interview feedback, background investigation, and drug tests that can all be viewed online./This helps the HRD staff to keep track of all of the open trainings and seminars faster and easier./E-learning also helps eliminate limitations of geographic location./The training and seminars can be posted and seen by anyone through internet access. /In addition to academe portals, HRD staff has a social media presence that allows them to attract more participants from other agencies through the World Wide Web. /Technology makes it possible for human resource subject matter experts to train new personnel in a more focus manner. /T


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