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Dear 8-year-old me, As I write this, twelve years have passed by and you are now twenty years old. I have got some advice for you.You know how you love to go outdoors, and be curious about the things that you see? Never change any of that. Always be curious. Understand why the chameleon changes color or what causes the wind. Curiosity opens the world to opportunities.Another thing you enjoy most is reading. sometimes you might not have the time to read but make the time. Reading gives you a better idea about the world and shapes a lot of your viewpoints. Read ‘In search of stones’ by M.Scott Peck as soon as you can. I won’t tell you what, but you will learn a lot from that book.On the point of learning, you will face many challenges as well as failures. Learn from them. Don’t let failures discourage you, it often teaches you something better. There will be doubters and naysayers who more than