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Job Description: Tower ErectionJHA No: R-DOK. 00Job Location: 220 kV- Tower Erection from T1 to T44Contractor Name:DOKO Sh.P.KJob Hazard AnalysisPrepared/Revised by: (Name, Department, Signature) HSE Lead Arber DoganiApproved by: (Name, Department, Signature) DPM Edison BarhaniDate: 29.07.2015SEQUENCE OF JOB STEPSPOTENTIAL ACCIDENTS OR HAZARDSRECOMMENDED SAFE JOB PROCEDURE1.Transportation of materials with boom truckImproper loading or unloadingOverturn of vehiclesCollapse of materialsMaterials falls during transportationOnly qualified and trained operators will participate at this activityUsage of proper equipment for loading and unloadingSafe loading of vehicles on the load capacitySecure the loads during transportation using certified rigging equipment and in accordance with CE standardPrevent unauthorized person to access to the working area2. Lifting operation with boom truck or Hydraulic WinchBad positioning of boom truckOverhead power lines and cablesLifting gear failureEffects of wind speedBad weather conditionCollapse of the load due to improper rigging & slinging.Existing overhead power lines.Position of boom truck on solid ground and minimum 2 m from the edge of foundationExtend outriggers to full extent on both sides when performing a lift operation Visual control by the operator before starting workUse warning signs and guide ropes.Usage of certified lifting gear and in accordance with standardsAll lifting gear must be inspected before being put in useWhen wind velocities are above 40 km/h, the rated load and boom lengths shall be reduced according to manufactures specifications Refer to page 127 of HSE Plan.Operators should be able to determine the weight, center of gravity and characteristics of the load.Shutdown of electrical overhead power lines must be if the Tower arms Erection process will be nearest at minimum 4m.3.  Working at heightFalling from height due to slips & tripsFalling from height due to physical fatigueFalling from height due to negligence of workersObject falling from heightBad weather condition (rain, thunderstorm)Only trained and qualified workers will participate at these activ


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JHA Tower erection 110kV_rev.00