F. L. Wright and Mies Van der Rohe

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F. L. Wright and Mies Van der Rohe #0


F.L.Wright and Mies Van der Rohe Both F.L.W. and M.V.D.R. are great world known architects. They bith worked during similar time. Now both of them are regarded as the most influential architects of that time. The first difference between them is maybe that one of them was an American, and the another came form German. But this fact can’t be treated as the essential because M. left German for United States and what about W. he designed buildings not only in United States but also in Japan. So speaking in general we can say that both of them were international personalities and this is the first similarity. The other big difference between them is their creation ( I mean their architactural phylosophy). The essence of creation of W. is the famous phrase ( which came from his teacher Henri Sullivan) – “form follows function”. W. accepted the meaning of functional architecture. The main things of his architecture are functional and utilitarian organic archictectural principle. There are no such strict difference between exterior and interior spaces and there is jus deeper connection between them. His creation seeked for more akin relationship between human and architecture by using natural materials ( wood, stone, later – concrete) and buildin


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