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ReligionsAnthropologists who specialize in the study of preliterate societies have always been faced with the difficult problem of defining what kinds of phenomena can be called religions. At first sight religions are very simple to understand. There are special places for it – temples, churches, mosques (mečetė). And there are special people to deal with it – priests, imams, rabbies. There are many definitions of religion. The most simple would be: religions involves the belief in supernatural forces. The problem with this definition is in the difficulty of distinguishing natural and supernatural forces. Other scientists talk about 2 types of practices and beliefs: sacred and profane. To define religion on the whole one must not pay attention to other cultural differences. You must find something that is common in all religions of the world. There are really many religions in the world. The most popular are Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Protestantism, Lutheran beliefs. And there are tribes in America and Africa which has their own gods. In Carribean islands voodoo cult and shamanism is very popular. Now it is thought to be very dangerous because of the poisonous elements used


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